Cold Weather and Laundry

November 12, 2007

It’s so cold out and it’s obvious that winter is on the way. My closet is lacking in the sweater department and I’m already tired of wearing my slippers.

Kali had a field trip today to Albertson’s. I’m not sure what you do at a grocery store for a field trip but she came home with a small baggy of Cheerios and a coupon for one small apple or banana. I guess it was to promote healthy eating. Kali also come home wearing her ’emergency pants’. I guess her diaper leaked. Oh well. I’ve gotten used to doing 1-2 loads of kids laundry a day.

We’ve been getting PCS care off and on for about 6 weeks now and we’ve been through 5 girls. I am about ready to give up. I have asked over and over for a non-smoker and so far have had two heavy smokers.

Kali has physical therapy today. We are working on stretching, positioning, weight bearing, and standing. I feel like she is making a lot of progress these last couple weeks. When she got home from school she was very vocal and with it. I usually put her straight in bed for a nap, but we played for about a half and hour on the floor.

Danny finds out today whether or not we will be able to buy our second agency. It will help us so much financially if we get it. Danny has been so motivated and such a hard worker. I hope they see in him what I see.


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