Kali’s 4th Birthday

February 10, 2008

Kali’s birthday was last Thursday. We had a party for her and invited all OUR friends. We made her a cake and didn’t let her eat any (diet restrictions). No fair right?? Kali thought so…
It wasn’t all bad. Kali woke up very happy and excited to go to school. At school they made her a birthday crown and sang “Happy Birthday”.

When she got home, we listened to silly songs and watched mom frost the cake. She cuddled dad for a while and then we cleaned the house before our friends came over.

We ate hamburgers and soup while Kali cried in her room. I don’t know what it is about birthdays that makes you sad. I always cry on my birthdays…I guess it’s genetic.

After the food, we pulled out the presents. This upset Kali ALOT! With every present we put in front of her she cried a little harder.We sang happy birthday, which she didn’t mind. And then Danny and I blew the candles out for her. I think she wished for us to leave her alone.

We let Squid eat some cake. The sugar and chocolate at first made her act a little drunk, then later she was just loud and hilarious. She had cake up her nose and in her socks.All in all, it was a pretty good day. The adults had fun, the babies had fun. Kali is the only one who didn’t have fun. …maybe next year. Happy 4th Birthday Kali!!!


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