6th Wedding Anniversary

February 22, 2008

For our anniversary this year, we went rock climbing…separately. Danny went in the morning while I stayed with the kids, then I drove out later and traded him spots and continued climbing with Ryan and Kris. Below is a pic taken from where we park our cars. Ryan is climbing, Danny is belaying, and Kris is watching (or picking his nose.)
This is the view from halfway up the trail. It was a gorgeous winter day. It was in the high 30’s and sunny.
The boys lied to me and told me I was climbing a 5.9. It was really tough and I kept saying to myself, “I’ve gotta climb this or I’m gonna look like an idiot.”
The is our friend Ryan belaying me.
Stuck in the crux.
After I tagged the chains , Ryan and Kris congratulated me on climbing my first 5.10b!!! I am so glad they lied to me. If I had known, I would have bailed halfway up.Hey Kris!! Kris has been climbing with us a few times and is pretty good. He also climbed the 5.10b successfully.
This is a cool shot of Kris from directly below him. I’ve been experimenting with angles, but until I can climb along somebody and take pics from above them, we are going to have a lot of butt shots.
Here’s Kris all splayed out and re-chalking.He made it up over the crux alot faster than me.
Then Ryan practically ran up it like a spider monkey made us all look like fools.
Here’s me climbing Danny’s nemesis. It’s a 5.9.

At the chains. YeeHaw!
Anyway, we did end up going out for our anniversary but Danny wouldn’t let me take and pictures and when I finally was sneaky enough to try and get one, my battery was dead. Oh well. Happy 6th Anniversary to us!!


2 Responses to “6th Wedding Anniversary”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I do pick my nose. I enjoy it, but it makes for dangerous situations when rock climbing. I should pay more attention.

  2. Amy Eds Says:

    (from Amy Robertson Hansen) Hey it’s our 6th wedding anniversary too! I forget that we got married about a month apart! Congratulations! Send me your email so I can invite you to read my blog! (jaamjhansen@gmail.com)

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