Mini Robertson Reunion

March 9, 2008

(pics will be added shortly, computer AND google are having difficulties)

This weekend we had Julie, Mike and Jill come to visit us and they didn’t invite Matthew or even tell him they were coming. So we flew Matthew out and surprised everyone. We had a great time. We stayed up until all hours of the night talking, making cookies, and watching movies.

Friday we all went rock climbing and everybody got up on the rocks. It was fantastic. Danny did his first lead climb on ‘little nest’. I am so proud.

We left Kali in town with Christie but we took Squid along with us. She kept Jill, Julie, and Izzy pretty entertained.

I rigged up a climber cam to explore new angles and views with rock climbing photography. I first lined my case with foam and then tied the camera to the case with a shoestring and a figure eight, and then strapped the case to my body. I was able to get a shot of Ryan lead climbing, a shot of me and Ryan at the top (although it looks like I am just sitting on his lap at the bottom), and I had Ryan take a pic of me belaying for the first time.

Saturday, Danny took Jill for a long ride on the motorcycle and then taught Matthew to ride. I wish I had gotten pics of this. Oh well. I did however get a picture of what I made for lunch. Jill was trying to put her bowl of soup down on the table with one hand and it stuck and flipped upside down and all over the table. It was hilarious. If that doesn’t justify her nickname of Miss Mess, I don’t know what would.

Sydney had a blast playing with Izzy. They are the same size but Squid is about 4-5 months older. Squid can say Dewey and is close to standing up without the couch.

I also took a Ward Family Photo in our backyard. It turned out nice.

I took Jill to get her hair cut earlier that day. We went to 5 different places until deciding on one and we still ended up with an awful haircut. Luckily, I have had a little practice on Kali and I know what a straight line looks like 🙂 and I was able to fix the botched ‘layers’.

All in all, it was a very fun weekend. Just a taste of what Florida will be next month at the real family reunion.


4 Responses to “Mini Robertson Reunion”

  1. The Ward Family Says:

    How’s the digi scrapbooking going? Does it not work for your header? THanks again for such a great trip!

  2. jamieBEE Says:

    Hi Karen – I dont know if you remember me. I found your blog on Julie’s blog. I was her roommate in DT freshman year. It was nice to get an update on your little fam! Your Girls are SOO CUTE and your blog looks cute too! 🙂

  3. James & Bec Says:

    hey cousin! long time no see! your family is ADORABLE! How fun! You guys seem like you have so much fun together. James and I are pretty happy to have a baby in our lives now. She’s….almost 11 weeks old. Anyway — it’s great! Julie showed me your blog and I was so excited! All of us Robertson girls are getting into blogging! :o)

  4. Em Says:

    Hey, I found your blog! How are you? From your blog it looks like you are having fun. I have never been rock climbing….I think it might freak me out though. Are you still going to the gym all the time? Way to go girl! Um, your girls are beautiful by the way.

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