O Christmas Tree

December 3, 2008

our lovely tree

our lovely tree

We took Sydney to the Christmas tree lot and picked out a tall pretty one. I can’t believe how expensive trees are getting! Sydney was pretty confused but we found a great one and took it home. We had bought decorations the night before and we had already moved furniture. Danny trimmed down the trunk and set it up. I hung the lights while Danny went and got more from the store. Sydney was a little scared of the lights but soon found them pretty interesting. When the lights were hung Danny attached hooks to all the glass balls and Sydney delivered them to me to hang on the tree. She ‘hung’ a few herself by just laying them on branches. She was actually quite helpful. It turned out great and we even bought matching wrapping paper and I wrapped what we already had. I love the spirit that having a decorated house brings. It makes me want to bake cookies, breads, and make fudge.

Merry Christmas!!


One Response to “O Christmas Tree”

  1. Tori Says:

    I can’t sleep so I decided to start randomly looking peoples blogs. You must of just posted this because it is dated 12/3 and its only been 12/3 for three hours. Anyway this was a really sweet post. Sydney sounds so cute helping decorate the tree. I think you should bake cookies, bread, and fudge and then I’ll come over and help you eat them. Yum….

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