Baby boy names

January 3, 2009

Looking back at a baby name book that I got over 5 years ago, I thought it was interesting the names I used to like.

Just to name a few…and the reasons I like them and why I do or do not now.

Asher- Evil Dead’s main character is Ash. But now all I can think of is Technicolor Dream Coat

Beau- not sure why I liked it, but now I only think of Hope’s husband on Days of our Lives

Bevan- because it’s like Evan with a Bevan.  I still like it.

Boone- Danny’s grandpa occasionally called him this. It’s cute, but would totally get made fun of.

Brody- Character on Mall Rats. I don’t like it anymore.

Colin- a little English for me now.

Connor- a cute boy from jr high, he had gorgeous curls in high school.

Cormac- a boy from elementary’s LAST name but it had a Mc before it. I thought I made it up but I saw it in the name book.

Ethan- another boy I knew, one of my brother’s friends that I thought was hot. haha

Gavin- you have to be cool with a name like this.

Humphrey- a family name, I like it but Danny mocks it.

Joshua- my little bro’s name. I LOVE IT STILL! plus, this baby is due on his b-day!

Josiah- can’t remember why I was drawn to this name, I like it, but it doesn’t fit me anymore.

Justin- my bff as a little girl. He was a loyal friend.

We still don’t have a name picked out yet. We are thinking Nicholas (not decided on spelling) as a middle name but we are struggling with a first name. All Danny can come up with is funny names. When we come up with some options I will have to do a poll to see what you all think!


One Response to “Baby boy names”

  1. Hey, Karen! Cute blog! Your girls are getting so big! I bet you can’t wait to pop out baby boy – huh? =)

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