books, smiles, and tantrums

January 29, 2009

My Saint Dewey

My Saint Dewey

I recently read the book Marley & Me.  Anyone who has dogs and kids will appreciate this book.  I love my dog, and while he isn’t the troublemaker that Marley was, he has definitely had some ‘Marley moments’. What loyal friends dogs are. I will sure miss Dewey when he dies. (He’s only 2 1/2, so not anytime soon, hopefully).

My booklover

My booklover

Sydney has also found joy in reading. She loves to turn pages mostly. But she really enjoys a story read by dad. He is very entertaining.

All Smiles

All Smiles

Kali continues to do well post-surgery. Although, I am up this late because she is having a hard time sleeping.  Check out those yellow teeth and wind/cold-chapped chin. All those years of acid reflux really took it’s toll on Kali’s dental health. Not to mention it’s really hard to get her to let a toothbrush in her mouth!

I can't handle it!

I can't handle it!

Sydney is starting to experience the extreme emotions that come with being a regular toddler. Everything is blown out of proportion in her mind. She is extra loving and extra sensitive right now. She gets mad at me just for offering her a cup of milk. She also breaks down when you tell her no to anything. But on the flip-side she has been giving lots of hugs to all of us. I guess that is her way of saying, I know I’m a little crazy right now, but I still love you.


4 Responses to “books, smiles, and tantrums”

  1. Meens Says:

    Good post Karen! I like the picture of Dewey. I’m sure Squid will be walking out of the terrible two’s as soon as Truan begins them. The price we pay for these little midgets! She is a lot more fun though!

  2. catherine Says:

    Oh my gosh-Rigden looks just like that when he is crying and mad. They must be related!

  3. Julie Ward Says:

    I loved the pictures! I need to be a better picture taker. I think it’s so hilarious to watch a tantrum. I know, I’m a mean mom! Isabelle is really getting them perfected. She puts her head on the ground, while she’s standing and usually bumps her head. Then she’s super confused what happened. It’s hilarious!

  4. April Says:

    Your pics are always so cute!

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