July-November 09

December 6, 2009


In July, Danny’s youngest sister got married.  I guess we’re all grownups now, eh? I was a lot of fun. It was fun to see old friends and relatives in Utah. And Jill was beautiful, of course!

Jill and Tommy

I turned 26 this year and Danny gave me the best birthday EVER! He got my mom to come and he planned several activities that included coming home every 3-4 hours to nurse my then 5 mo old baby. We rock-climbed, roller-bladed the green belt, floated the Boise river, went out to lunch, had dinner with friends, and then slack-lined in the front yard.

sitting on the slackline


Danny also had a birthday. He got everything he wanted, he always does. But, man, he’s OLD!!

Danny's cake

his card

Also in  September, we ventured back down to Utah to go watch Danny’s Alma Mater’s football team play. It was hot and miserable, but we pulled out the win and got some shade the last half of the game. We also went on a drive into Provo Canyon and Sydney and I went on a walk to Bridal Veil Falls while Danny and the other kids slept in the car. We went to Thanksgiving Point and checked out all the animals and the flowers. Kali got to ride a horse and I think she liked it. There was also a very LOUD game of pit. The Robertson’s LOVE this game. The in-laws, not so much.Kali riding a horsebridal veil fallsinfamous pit


In October, we tried to take a family portrait. We were unsuccessful at getting all eyes on the camera with smiles, but we got a few close ones.

I’ve been doing some sewing lately. It’s very therapeutic. Of all my projects, I love my purse the best. I’ve made one of these before, but I did so much better on my second one. I’ve also been sewing lots of doll accessories for Sydney for Christmas. I love being creative!

Sydney and I dressed up as ballerinas this year, Nick was a mouse, and Kali was sick. Syd and I went trick or treating. She still brings me her pumpkin bucket and says, ” Picker Pete.”family portraitpurseballerinasmouse


Nick has learned to sit up in November, but until he did I really liked to sit him in a laundry basket. It gave minimal support to his back and sides and kept all his toys close. Plus, when he spit up, it was easy to clean up.

laundry basket

Kali’s hair had gotten really long and while it was cute in the front, the back was mostly ratty and rubbed away from laying on the floor and sitting in her stroller. I gave her a cute short cut. It’s alot faster to style to and no more combing out knots!

kali's haircut

Syd has been frustrating to take pictures of because she wont hold still. I guess I better work on my motion photography!


We had Thanksgiving by our selves this year. It was fun to make everything, but dinner itself just felt like another meal. I missed the company of extended family. I made a cheesecake for the first time. It turned out well and I think I’ll do it again.

potatoes and juicesweet potato cheesecake

We made some snowmen for decoration. Sydney liked copying my snowman, but Danny was not really into the project, hence the one-eyed snowman.


I got an early Christmas present: a new couch! It’s so soft and it really opens up the room. It’s a velvet microfiber that reminds me of the couch my Grandparent’s had when I was a kid.


Danny stole my blue and silver ornaments from last year for his Allstate tree so I got to “redecorate” our tree for home. I chose some modern Christmas colors (I personally don’t like the traditional red and green). I really like the way it looks and I am in the process of making some stockings to match.

new ornamentsSydney has to touchoh christmas tree

Nick ate his first Oreo. Kind of a right of passage in our house. He loved it! He was shaking he was so excited about it. He made a really big mess, but managed to eat it all without choking.

here you gogimme gimmeeating oreommmmmshovin it incan I have another?


Hopefully I will be better at posting in the future. I don’t want to have to play catch-up again!



3 Responses to “July-November 09”

  1. Liz Robertson Says:

    awesome! the “picker pete” made me laugh, and the christmas pics makes me want to decorate right now (still too busy with nativity–i have thanksgiving decs still on the table.) and i like your details–the miserable gaem adn shaking for OREOS : ) i feel like I’m not a very good housewife if I don’t SEW–I’m impressed with all your projects…

    always love to see your pics…i just found out my cousins’ wife does photog: she’s pretty good. here’s her blog: http://www.rendytuckerphotography.com/blog/
    have a good christmas.

  2. Glenene Says:

    Loved the post! So many pictures and cute goings-on!! I loved the Halloween costumes!! I did laugh at the Pit photo! Love you!!

  3. Cute kids! Can’t wait to see you all in December 🙂

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